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Mari, 48 лет, Козерог, Санкт-Петербург


Санкт-Петербург, 48 лет, Козерог
Была 14 февраля в 09:49
Обо мне
A kind lady with a charming smile.The owner of higher architectural and musical education.Fond of my favourite deal, creating lightings for the facades of houses and city streets.
Interested in languages, will be pleased to talk in It, practice En and smile in Sp
Passionate about travelling.Keen on diving into the azure waves with scuba diving, admiring the underwater world.Dreaming to learn sailing.
Adore singing and playing favourite tunes on piano.
Like to create festive atmosphere in the house, filling it with aromas of spicy dishes and delicate pastries.
In a man admire nobility, erudition and a good sense of humor.
Will give the chosen one love and a tender smile
с Мужчиной

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