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I love traveling in hot countries. I love to touch the history of ancient worlds and peoples, feel the energy and feel the flavor, traditions, cuisines of different countries of the world. With trepidation I visit the unknown corners of the world, captivated by their beauty.
Attracts a bright and rich world of theater and cinema. I enjoy wonderful performances, admiring the actors' play.
I support graceful body shapes with breathing exercises and fitness training.
I like to be engaged in the interior and design of my home, filling it with an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.
I like to fantasize with dishes of different cuisines of the world. I fill the house with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the smell of lace pancakes.
с Мужчиной
в возрасте 36-50 лет
Цель знакомства:
Любовь, отношения,
Брак, создание семьи,
Совместное путешествие
Кого я хочу найти:
intéressé par un homme intelligent avec un sens de l'humour
Семейное положение:
Не замужем

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